Free Your Hand! This Wallpaper Tool Helps Download Wallpapers and Change the Background without Moving Your Fingers


Occasionally, I need to change the desktop background of my PC. This usually takes around 30 minutes each time.

I have to search, download, and browse one page after another. It sometimes makes me feel exhausted and not happy.

Frankly speaking, it is really annoying. Do you have the same experience as me?

Finally, I got an idea of making a tool to handle this for me. The tool can download wallpapers and help change the desktop image automatically.

This seems like a great idea.

I spent about a week creating this tool. I named it the Wallpaper Mate. It solved my main problems.

Now I don’t spend time searching for wallpapers on Google or any other wallpaper websites any more.

Once I run the program, on my behalf, the Wallpaper Mate searches, downloads, and changes the background. The downloaded wallpapers are organized in order.


The Wallpaper Mate doesn’t support instant download. It only downloads one or two images per day at a random time.

If you like to download many images at one time, you will have no time to enjoy and view them all.

This, I think, is the Wallpaper Mate’s advantage. At this point, you actually have enough time to enjoy the high quality image and, at the same time, have an expectation of the next picture it will deliver.

If you want to try it, you can download the Wallpaper Mate here.


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