Unlock Quillbot Premium Features Free with Chrome Extension


In this post, I will provide you a chrome extension for free, it can unlock Quillbot premium feature.

Quillbot is an excellent writing tool helping you paraphrase content fast.  I wrote an article about it in language translation of my previous posts.

Let’s focus on the topic of unlock Quillbot. First download this Quillbot plugin here, then install it on your Chrome browser. If you don’t know how to install it, please watch this YouTube video. I am sorry, this extension is coded for Chrome only.

One important thing to remember here is before installing the extension, please make sure you already signed in to your Quillbot Account.

After the extension is installed, refresh the page of Quillbot.com, you will find many of the premium features are unlocked; you can submit words without length or other restrictions.

This plugin can’t unlock all the features of Quillbot; If you are not satisfied with this free solution and want more features, you can try our cheap shared plan for Grammarly and Quillbot. It’s cheap and all the features are unlocked.

Txthero.com also offers an easy and free solution to access Grammarly, it’s a one-step dummy method. You will not be asked to do this or that to get it work.

If you searched online, you can find many tutorials  ask you to do this or that before showing you the answer, but once you completed the task, you got nothing, it wasted time and is a cheat.

Txthero.com is a place providing value to readers.  If this post helped you, please bookmark and spread your words.

Thank you! Enjoy and happy writing~




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