How to Access Free Statistical Data and Reports


This article is written for you if you are looking for free methods to access Statista.

I already posted a video on YouTube years ago, and it’s about downloading Statista studies and reports.

If you come here from YouTube, you must watch it. This statista service I offered is not free, and you have to pay before using it.

In the last three months, I provided a feature allowing visitors to apply free codes on without any requirements and restrictions.

Some visitors tried to game the system by providing faking information with many trials per day;  and crashed the system many times. So I decided to close this service and disclose it here.

I am sorry,  But if you still want to enjoy the free service, I’m happy to help, here is the method:

You can earn one free user code by posting positive content about or on your blog, on Facebook, on Quora, or on Reddit. The words are no less than 200.

Once approved, I will give you a user code for free. You can also buy  codes on

I hope you enjoy this post. If you this this post useful or the content on  is helpful, share with your friends.

If you have any problems. don’t forget to leave your comment, I like to hear from you.


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