Resource Collection of Best Free Online Document Translation


There are many online translation services, including machine translation and human translation, some for text only, some for document, some are paid service and some are free.

In this post, let me share with some online translation resources you can rely on to finish your translation work.

Free Online Document Translation

Google offers a free machine translation service. It can translate text, document and speech from one language into another one.

But the document translation of Google is for view only after translation done, it doesn’t support downloading file with original format. You have to copy and organize manually.

It’s great for fast translation, the quality and accuracy can meet basic meaning understanding requirements.

Like Google Translator, Microsoft Bing also provides online translation service, but the free web solution if offers is text only with length restriction per submit.

If you have documents to translate, Bing can’t help you, it doesn’t support document translation directly, you have to rely on third-party document translation service.

Deepl also is another reputable online translation service provider. It supports translation of 26 languages globally and document translation, you can upload files of DOCX, PPTX and PDF.

Deepl will send the files you uploaded to some third-party developers according to its privacy policy., the online search giant in China, offers an online translation service, too, it supports text translation, document translation and video translation, text and document are free, video is a paid service.

But the cons are you have to know Chinese, must register an account to use the feature of document translation. has an online document and text translation service, too, it’s also a China based company. Monthly free quota is enough for fair usage of document translation, but you have to register an account to use its service, it’s not convenient.

All of the online machine translation providers have restrictions on text translation with length limit, and document translation with file size limit.

Paid Human Document Translation Service


Fiverr is an online marketplace with various freelancers of different levels and skills, there are many services provided on the website.

For document translation, you have to check the gig description and read the reviews before placing your order, it’s cheap, but the quality is not guaranteed.


As one of the most traditional translators, Proz has many registered online translators around the world.
If offers filters for you to specify your requirements, like native translators, expertise and many other factors you define.

Grammar Correction and Paraphrase

It’s danger to deliver the machine translated raw content directly to your clients, managers or your boss, the quality of the translated text is not ready for formal use, you have to give it a check and correction.

For online grammar and sentence tools, here are some information we know.


Grammarly is very reputable in language writing field, there are many users around the world, it gives you correction hints and provides many features besides grammar check, you can install its browser extension or word extension.  Here is a method about the free premium grammarly.


Quillbot is another language writing tool from offered by course hero, it offers not only grammar check, but features like paraphrase, summarizer etc. It provides free extensions for words, chrome and google document.


Wordtune is a rewriting service website, its products are built on AI infrastructure. You can shorten or expand your sentence, you can choose casual or formal tones. The machine will rephrase your content with good quality. As far as known, many college students prepare their semester papers with its assistance.


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