This App Can Help and Guide You Stop and Quit Smoking


Have you experienced stop smoking but finally given up? If you are trying to quit smoking but having trouble stopping it, now your have a better choice.

Every one knows that smoking is bad for the body. Even so, many people are still  maintaining their habit of smoking. Then why are you stopping? The reason is very simple, If you stop smoking, you get some improvements of the quality and lifespan of your life and the life of the people around you.

QuitNow! is a proven app that can help and guide you quit smoking. Tobacco must be prevented from being an image of itself.

Quitting Smoking is easier if you focus on the four fields:

Your smoking status: if you stop smoking, you should focus on yourself. Remember the day you decide to quit and do a Math for it: how many days you avoided smoking since then, how much money you’ve saved and how many cigarettes you’ve saved.

Benefits: Your smoking is motivated: like all tasks in life,  stop smoking is easier if you divide it into small parts. So, QuitNow App offers you 70 goals for quitting smoking procedure., the days from your last cigarette and money. you will have achievement since the first day.

Community discussion: If you stop smoking, you should stay in non-smoking areas. QuitNow! have a of people who, like you, have a farewell to tobacco. Enjoy your time with non-smokers will make your way easier.

QuitNow! it offers a list of health indicators to show how your body improves day after day. These data are from the WHO, there are multiple sections in the preferences panel that could help you quit smoking on your way.

Sometimes you have some weird questions that aren’t in F.A.Q. In these situations, you can ask QuitNow! Bot. If you don’t get a good answer,  QuitNow! crew will update the knowledge base to learn the best answers to your questions.

You can download it on Google Play.


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