Lucky Lottery Number Generator for Powerball & Mega Millions


There is a small chance to make life a big change, for many people this is one of the motivations of buying lottery, it’s also the fun part of playing lottery game.

For fans of lottery game, picking right and good lottery numbers is important, usually many lottery players enjoy analyzing history data and then make their final decision to choose this number over that one.

In this post, I introduce and offer you a lottery analysis tool, it’s free.

This lottery generator supports Powerball and Mega Millions, on the left panel it fetches and analyzes the history data and tell you which numbers hot. You can filter the history data by monthly, quarterly and yearly. On the right panel, it provides two modes when generating group of lottery numbers, lucky and random. The lucky mode generates numbers based on history data, the random mode simply yields random lottery number. You can save the generated lottery numbers if you are satisfied with the computer generated numbers.

This tool works only in the US, If you are not living in the United States, do not waste time to playing it.

It’s not complex as some other lottery software that you can not understand or have a deep learning curve to master although the results have no huge difference.

Here is a short video for this lottery software, you can download this lottery number generator here, no installation required.

I also created an online lottery generator tool. This website offers drawing and winner information of  most played lotteries, like Powerball, Mega Millions, Super Lotto Plus, New York Lotto and Euro Millions.You can easily view and analyze the drawing statistics, generate random or luck lottery numbers for your next drawing. There is also a community where you can share your story, ideas with others.

Having fun using it, Wish you good luck!


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