How to Write a Quality Research Paper Faster In One Day


There is no shortcut to write a research paper within one day without preparation. This article is about talking general ways and steps to write efficiently and finish your research work faster, If you follow, surely you will reach your goal as expected.

It happens the way it is. You did your job on the last day for some reason. What should you do if you only have one day until the expiration date?

Here is some advice you can follow to  make your work done well.

General Guidelines about writing a research paper faster.

1.Select a broad topic

Choose a subject carefully with all the requirements and do not miss anything important before starting your research paper. Try selecting a broad and distinguished topic, as you can search for more details instead of searching for vague articles. It is also recommended to find documents that have already been made by other authors. In this way, it will be much easier to make use of other research to write an article in your own words.

2. Topic Information Research

before creating an outline, you must know if there is enough information on the topic. You can use the resources in the research paper, but keep in mind that each article you are reading must has an author. You must specify the sources that have been used. Websites like Wikipedia, despite all usage suggestions, can help you create a structure for your topic. But don’t directly copy and paste from Wikipedia. Your teachers usually check first for plagiarism.

Your instructors will also prefer books or printed articles over network origins. Then try using it. Unless you have a copy of your article, search for available scans or electronic copies on Google.

If you are in the step of preparing your work, please don’t read the whole book. You don’t have time for that. The relevant parts can be copied in a draft document and use them later in your research paper. You will then write the content in your own words.

3. Start with doctoral work

if the research has been completed, it is possible to prepare for thesis work. It should not be too broad, because research should show the main problems involved in its investigation. So it should be short and clear.

When you write a thesis, you can’t limit the things you’re talking about, but at the same time make your statement as accurate as possible.

Your thesis doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to follow the main orientation of your choice and provide the necessary information.

Don’t forget to write your thesis in the last sentence of the introduction.

4. Create the main structure of the research document

in the number of pieces of paper and specify the information contained in these parts. This is the text of your text. Write down the selected fonts in your words to make the parts of the text that can be made.

Then carefully check what style the main parts of the text have been written in, while working with the sources. The whole research paper must be written in one style to prevent plagiarism teachers from being warned about reading your work.

Attach all citations to the end of the text.

5. Introduction and conclusion of the research document.

please provide your text. It should contain approximately five sentences, and you must present the topic in this section of the general words and finish your presentation in your dream of rebuking.

If you want to write a good conclusion, you will find the most important facts, and repeat them  in  different words briefly. The conclusion should contain facts that should be conceivable to the reader and underline the general idea of your research paper.

6. Proofreading and Error Check

If you have done your job, you will start checking for errors and mistakes. If you do it the next morning, your brain will be much clearer. This way, you can view the your work from a different point of view and locate errors productively. At the time of proofreading, all additional sentences that are not related to the primary subject should be removed, you have to check your grammar and spell errors.

I hope the above advice can help you do your research paper, even if you only have one day for your academic paper. 

The research paper is an important part of education and needs to be done well. Even if you didn’t have enough time, it’s pretty easy to do this kind of work in a day. We hope that our advice will be taken advantage of by you and for your future study.


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