Generate SKU for Your Inventory Item with SKU Generator


If you are running a business with many inventory items,  a good organization of your inventory is very important for operating easily. You need manage your business with a good inventory software, which in turn boost your growth and expansion.

An efficient tool is required, after all manually operation takes time and it’s tedious. In this post I share with you a SKU Generator, it’s a small tool. You plan and design a good code template, and then use this tool generate a sequential  SKU Code for your stock items.

It’s easy to use, I already made a short video on how to use SKU Generator. You will not ask any questions after you watched, it’s too simple!

Currently the SKU Generator yields SKU code in a text file, there is no features like barcode print, so you have to copy these generated codes to some barcode print software and then print them for use.

You can download this software here, simply run it after download, no installation required.


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