Cheap Digital Subscription of Washington Post and New York Times


How to get around the paywall of New York Times? 10 hacks to access and read Washington Post for free.

Did you see such eye-catching topics like these? I am sure you already read these articles.

There are many topics written for your pains, they offer some solutions. Unfortunately after your reading, you realized that these methods are dead, obsolete, have restrictions or require complex operations. It’s difficult, not easy for you, these are totally time waste.

In this post I’ll talk about  New York Times Digital subscription and Washington Post Subscription in a general way.

If you read this post or you are searching for free methods, you might be disappointed although you can still get some insights from this article.

Free Methods

New York Times  and Washington Post offers free subscription for Academic  Education, Charity and Military Organization, if you are students , you can check on your university’s website to see if it offers newspaper subscription. As far as I know, many universities provide free subscription of The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal to Students.

If you are not a student, you can access and read the news in your local public library.  The library also offers off-campus access but with restrictions. For New York Times, you can read 72 hours for free, and for Washington Post, it offers free subscription for 7 days. This works well and legitimate although not practical.

If you read news on desktop only, you can install a bypass paywall chrome extension. it works well until now.

Cheap Methods

If you feel the free methods complex and not practical  to you, then you can buy a New York Times Subscription with discount on the official website  if you are a student.

We also provide cheap subscription services for The New York Times or The Washington Post legitimately, you can read on any devices, it works on the official app of Android or Ios, too.

You can watch the video New York Times Subscription on Youtube.

I hope this article helps you guys access and read unlimited news as you want.  Please drop any comments and share your thoughts with us.