Cheap and Free Article Rewriting and Spinning Tool for Your Business


You are not a writer, you have no news ideas or words to write enticing articles for your readers, you want an easy and effective solution.

If you are doing an internet business, content writing and marketing is very important to make your business success. Serious business requires you write yourself or hire writers to write great content for you, it’s a investment.

But if you are doing an one-man business, I am sure writing unique and quality content for readers and SEO is a big challenge, especially if you have no skills of writing, it’s difficult. On the internet, there are many similar articles and topics that you decide to write, If you are not an expert in the field, you can not write better content with great quality compared to the one already ranked well.

Of course You can copy the ideas in the articles on the internet, but understanding it and then writing it in your own way is time-consuming. you might wonder if there is an article rewriter tool or software can offer your an easy and effective solution.

The answer to your question is Yes, there is.

I have created an article rewriting tool for this purpose, works on Windows system and Web service for free. you paste the original content, select the language engine, and then click START. The system will then produce you an entirely new and readable content. You do not have to spend hours to write manually or spend money outsourcing to writers any more.

To beautify the content generated, you can manually make some adjustments like changing words or phrases to make it more natural to human reading. Sitting-back doing nothing will not work nowadays, the search engine evolved and will detect it.

There is a video I recorded for content spun and rewriting, you can watch it on Youtube. You can try and use my online rewriter tool version for free.